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The Journey of a Workroom


Thank You for visiting my website and learning more about  ​the journey of Window Couture. 


I am Sherry Dugger, the owner of Window Couture.
With no sewing experience other than making a stuffed animal for a Jr High Home Economics class; I found employment through a major Dept. Store's huge commercial drapery workroom during my summer break after my freshman year of college.  I decided to stay on and continue my education locally while working as a "tabler" in the drapery section of this large plant.  Here, I learned the anatomy of drapery construction as I was responsible for marrying the lining with the fabric & bringing each panel to it's finished length. 

A couple of years later, marriage moved me away from my hometown of St. Louis further "south" near the KY/TN border.  There in Clarksville, TN, a preacher's wife hired me in her small drapery workroom.  She taught me "how to sew" as I got the opportunity to finally learn how to use commercial sewing machines.  However; she preferred only using the machines when necessary and insisted on producing QUALITY "the southern way".  Can you say......HAND SEWING? Yes! all hemming had to be done by hand as I glared at a blindhemming machine that could have done my task much quicker.  This discipline taught me what QUALITY was.  Priceless!


I moved to Indianapolis in 1990, where I was hired at 2 more workrooms before my own  entrepreneurial "light bulb" came on. The first, formed me into an apprentice of my supervisor who needed to protect her position as she taught me EVERYTHING BUT "how to make swags".  The second workroom, needed someone TO TRAIN to "make swags & jabots" which was the ONLY THING I didn't know how to manufacture back then.  Needless to say, I took the position & made ONLY "swags & jabots" ALL DAY LONG....EVERYDAY!  I became a master at "swagging", making new patterns, and the art of modification as I repurposed old "swags" to be refitted into new spaces.  I learned what worked & what could not be achieved.  This was my foundation that I would need later, for custom drafting my own patterns.  Finally, with an entrepreneurial spirit at the age of 25yrs old, through word of mouth referrals, and partnering with local interior designers, 'The Window Fashion Workshop' was launched; which later evolved into Window Couture! 

With over 20 yrs in the industry, I am yet enjoying what I love to do:



I am committed to continual education and broadening my knowledge of current products and techniques by regularly attending training seminars.  My years of experience has made me the expertise that I am known for.  There is a science behind reading the flexibility of fabrics, and knowing how cut it based on the inherent movement of the weave.  There is an art to positioning the pattern properly to create a focal point which pleases the eye on a custom piece.  In a world where such attention is becoming obsolete, nothing is overlooked; which is why  Window Couture is an exceptional drapery workroom that is a cut above.

I am privileged to collaborate with some of today’s most accomplished interior designers. You can rely on quality craftsmanship, dependable service and attention to detail with every project.       



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