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It can become very expensive to replace window treatments that are not measured correctly. 

For this reason, there is only one way to measure for window treatments: "the right way." 


Take advantage of our in-home (for residences) or on-site (for businesses) consultation and measuring service.  By seeing your space and understanding your unique needs, we are able to best advise you on the most fitting and appropriate treatments for the home or business owner.









As windows became architecturally  expanded vertically; the lines got "blurred" between the residential & commercial catagories.  As a result, our manufacturing techniques had to evolve to meet the challenge of the new residential granduer.  Our "couture" difference offers an OUTstanding  

"high end  make"  which includes:


  • Exaggerated Proportions

  • Deeper Drop Finish Lengths

  • Custom Drafted Patterns vs. Commercial

  • Taller Drapery Panel Headings

  • Luxury European Putty Color Lining (optional)

  • English Bump Cloth as a 3rd layer (optional)

  • On-going Experimentation


We understand that not every project requires "rule breaking" features, so; as we maintain our industry's custom standards, we are YET loyal to the "average size" window.  We still make  good Quality "standardized" items of a much simplier specification too.   We can meet any economical budget needed for staging model homes, remodels, and resell projects as well.  
Anything is Possible with Versatility!!    
Our custom items inclued drapes, top treatment valances, cornice boards, soft shades, pillows & seat cushions, table linens, bedding, bed hangings, and nursery items.    

Professional Installation​


  • Measuring and Template Designing

  • Workroom pickup and delivery

  • Custom cutting of poles and rods

  • Removal, rehanging, and retrofitting existing window treatments

  • Customizing brackets

  • Custom notching of trim, molding, and decorative ornamental material

  • Pinning, dressing out, and hand steaming


We have the expertise, tools, and hardware to perform all installations with care and efficiency. We have had the pleasure and privilege of working with well-known designers, home and business owners.

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